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Experience matters when you need a lawyer. Helene Bergman has been practicing law since 1980. As a Katy Bankruptcy and Family Lawyer, she has the skills and knowledge to understand that legal problems could have more than one aspect to it. Whether it is mounting debt, medical complications due to pelvic mesh, neglected or abused family members in a nursing home, divorce or custody issues, Helene Bergman’s office has dealt successfully with it.

Call 832.379.4400 for a free consultation to discuss any questions that you have to help you decide what course to take. You will feel secure that you retained an experienced Katy Bankruptcy and Family Lawyer.

As with any law case, there is information gathering and legal documentation filing that must be done.  Understanding the paperwork and completing the necessary steps can be a difficult task.  By having an experienced attorney on your side, you will understand what is required to resolve your legal problems permanently.

Rest easy just by speaking with a bankruptcy & family lawyer immediately.  Visit the office for a free consultation to discuss your individual situation, what options are available to you, and what to expect before and after a bankruptcy or family law filing.  You will be empowered to make the best decision for you and your family.  Call 832.379.4400 for an appointment and meet with your attorney as soon as TODAY!

In addition to regular office hours, evening and weekend appointments are available.

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Are pelvic mesh manufacturers worth suing? I am so sick from the mesh that was implanted.