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On August 14, 2018 

Helene Bergman
Today at 4:13 PM
Thank you!  I very much appreciate your help.  I also appreciate your sense of humor, and willingness to fight for us.  We only want what is best for our daughter, and this entire situation made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.  

A compliment goes a long way in making my day. 

My aim is to provide a relaxed and understanding atmosphere.  Immediately, you'll feel at ease and know that I'm on your side.  I'll be there to support what you need, require and deserve.  Peace of mind, freedom from worry and security of knowing that Experience Matters and I have that experience.

In addition to guiding you throughout a divorce or child support lawsuit, I can help with mortgage problems, wrongful foreclosure of your home, complete a mortgage loan modification, or other related real estate matters. 

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Helene Bergman's Background

In 1980, Helene Bergman graduated from the John Marshall Law School in Chicago, Illinois, and passed the Illinois State Bar Examination.  She first practiced law in Illinois and later moved to Texas, where she became a licensed Texas Real Estate Broker.  By 1997, she had moved to the Houston area and began practicing general law,  concentrating on legal matters concerning real estate, foreclosures, loan modifications, and family law cases.

Ms. Bergman has three grown sons who were born and raised in Texas. She is a compassionate person, who prides herself on helping those with family law situations, home mortgages  or bad medical and medical device issues.

As a West Houston Family Lawyer and a Katy Family Lawyer, she is especially interested in representing clients who need powerful help.  As a Family Lawyer, she has represented clients through divorces, custody and child support matters, and grandparent rights. As a Houston Real Estate Law Lawyer, she will assist you with past due payments, foreclosure, or Home Owner's Association problems.

Courteous, experienced, knowledgeable.

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