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General Family Law information is listed towards the bottom of the page.

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Basic Divorce Petition (agreed) with Case Cover Sheet

Divorce Waiver (of Personal Service)

Divorce Final Decree (agreed, all property already divided w/o children)

Divorce Final Decree (agreed, personal property to be divided, w/o children)

Divorce Final Decree (agreed, personal and real property to be divided, w/o children)

Divorce Final Decree (agreed, title transfers, deeds, children) contact us for individualized pricing

Modification of Parent Child Relationship (child support or custody change).

Petition to Modify Parent Child Relationship Basic with required Parenting Plan and required Cover Sheet
beginning at $595.00

Petition to Modify Parent Child Relationship Waiver (of personal service)

Child Support Enforcement.
Motion for Enforcement of Child Support Order and Order to Appear
First document along with the payment history, and the amounts that have not been paid.

Notice (to nonpaying party)
This is the document that will put the other person on notice that they are being sued for back child support)

This is filed right after the judge rules (decides) on the Motion.

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Divorce, child support and custody matters are governed by several sets of Texas Laws and Rules. The most important of these is for the purposes of Family Law is the Texas Family Code.  



The Laws that apply to families are numerous. All men, women and children have rights and duties in this area. But understanding Texas Family Law does not have to be difficult. An experienced family lawyer can explain the areas where you need help. It's important for couples, children and other family and non-family individuals to know their rights right now and in planning for their future.

This page provides an overview of Texas Law on family matters.

If you have any unanswered questions about family rights in the Texas Laws, be sure to contact Houston Family Law Lawyer, Helene Bergman. 

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1.  General Rules: Texas Family Code lists all the rights and duties with regard to Family Law situations.

​2.  Defining divorce related to couples, "married" or not, partners, and extended family, for example, grandparents.

3.  Child Support

       a.  how it's set

       b.  who sets it

       c.  guidelines for the amount that is awarded

       d.  increases and decreases

       e.  non paying parents

4.  Custody.

5.  Property, who owns what and how it gets divided in the event of a divorce.