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Lawyer Letters: ​Prices when you need a Power Letter© 

Stop bothering me letter. "Cease and Desist"
Letter to someone or some group, like HOA, POA, or a collection agency that needs to be put on notice that you are tired of them calling you, calling your friends or neighbors, abut you, harassing you, bothering you, slandering, libeling, just about anything that they are doing to you that is illegal, immoral, invades your privacy, or in some way negatively affects you, or those close to you.

Credit repair letter.
This is for 3 letters to each credit reporting agency, to demand removal of a negative or derogatory comment about you that is not true, or is so old that it needs to be removed by the reporting agency.

Credit correction letter.
Demand to original creditor to correct their entry about you which is wrong on a credit reporting agency site or to remove their entry which is too old to be on the credit reporting agency site.

Additional General Practice Areas

Real estate is one such area. She is a former real estate broker, and has been involved in the listing, sale and purchase of homes. If there are problems with concealed defects, she will step in and protect you from the builder or seller who failed to disclose problems with the house that they knew or should have know about.

Other times, clients come in with a problem that has affected them, or another family member that is straightforward and can be dealt with in short order. Small business and corporations fall into this category. Some criminal cases can be included here, too. 

Is it time for a will? Let's keep it simple, shall we? Law help at this time is critical. If you fill out your own Last Will and Testament form, what if something's wrong? You won't be here to explain what you meant. This is no place for fill in the blanks.


Nursing home neglect and other medical drug related cases are also accepted, depending on the facts in each individual case. Generally, these cases are long, expensive and difficult cases to handle. Together, both you and Helene Bergman must be able to handle the long and difficult process to develop these cases. You cannot get discouraged, tired, throw in the towel, or just give up hope. We will be in your case together. We will finish your case together. At times, Helene Bergman may "associate with" or join with another lawyer to handle your case. If this is a possibility, she will let you know in the beginning of your case and explain the procedure of joining with another lawyer or law firm, so that you continue to know that she represents you and your best interests.


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